Artane Coolock  Family Resource Centre and development centre aims to support and encourage active participation and community involvement so that people can determine their own needs and develop suitable responses to these needs. 

Our ethos: 

-The ethos guiding our centre will be one of mutual respect, shared responsibility and working together. 

-We will respect and value diversity. 

-We will work to encourage people and will provide an equal opportunity for individuals and the community to grow at their own pace. 

-We will aim to empower those in the community who are experiencing inequality by giving them a voice. 

In ACFRC we deliver opportunities for our community to socialise, share information and get involved in community life. 

Services we provide :


-Adult Education

-Community based counselling

-Community Cafe (last Friday of every month)

-Parent and Toddler Group

-Breastfeeding clinic


-C.V building

-Use of public computers


9 AM - 5 PM Monday - Thursday 

9 AM - 4 PM Friday 

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Call us:

(01) 851 2289

Find us:

55 Gracefield Road, Artane, Dublin 

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